Thursday, July 7, 2011


I've been on vacation for a few weeks. While I've got lots of great topics to post, I just haven't been in the spirit to do so! LOL

So, my dear friend and fellow blogger Farah Evers offers up a great recipe and some culture as a guest writer.


Lebanese Sahlab

Lebanese Sahlab is something of a cross between pudding and a very thick milkshake. You can drink it warm or eat it cool with a spoon. The texture and thickness all depends on how long you cook it, how much cornstarch you prefer and if you cool it in the fridge. If you’re eating it like a dessert you can sprinkle crushed pistachio nuts on top. YUM!

Sahlab is usually preferred during winter, but I love it year round. I used to drink it during the month of Ramadan. Think of it like eggnog in Christmas, minus the egg.
The key ingredients for that special Lebanese taste are Orange Blossom water and cinnamon. Some versions contain Rose Water and others just use vanilla. Actually you can use any flavoring you want, even chocolate! But if you want the authentic one go for Orange Blossom water.
Sahlab is available in ready to use powder form where you can just add warm milk to it. This is an example package. They come in individual sachets or even bulk sachets.

But I know it’s not the easiest thing to come across if you don’t live in the Middle East, so here’s a recipe I learned from my mom. It’s not as authentic but it’s pretty close.


Serves 4
4 cups of milk
½ cup of cornstarch (You can adjust this depending on the thickness you want)
3 tablespoons of sugar
2 tablespoons of Orange Blossom water or Rose water (Optional)
Sprinkle of cinnamon or crushed pistachios

1. Mix the Sahlab powder or cornstarch with a few tablespoons of cold milk and set aside.
2. Bring the remaining milk to a boil.
3. Pour in the starch mixture, stirring constantly. (It can get lumpy so make sure you keep stirring)
4. Cook over very low heat, stirring continuously, until the milk thickens.
5. Add in the sugar and the rose water or orange blossom water.
6. Remove from heat and pour into cups.
7. Finish it off with a sprinkle of cinnamon.
If you’re making it as a dessert to eat, pour into bowls and finish off with pistachios& cinnamon.
If you’re drinking it warm, go for the cinnamon.


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