Thursday, March 24, 2011

Here goes!!

Well I can't sleep and have been thinking about doing this for a while so figured I may as well do it now.

Most people that know me know that my first love was music. What they may not know is that I'm all about some politics. And science. And gardening. And crafts. Heck, I have a lot of interests. Figured I'd share 'em.

I'm perfecting my gardening skills. I believe it's an underrated skill in our modern society. As the older generations pass on, there are fewer left to carry on the knowledge of working the land. Of course this carries into many other areas of our heritage. That's why you get your parents and grandparents, any surviving family members to write down or record in some fashion every memory or piece of advice they can. While they're still sane of course.

Growing up our "farm" was really a very large garden, several acres worth of vegetables and fruits. My dad was responsible for planting and watering and telling us (my mom and sisters and I) when to pick said veggies and fruits. So as an adult trying to raise my own crops, I've made lots of phone calls to Daddy asking questions of how he did certain things trying to discern where I'm falling short.

Like last year. My corn ears had nary a kernel on them. I was saddened and defeated. I wanted nothing to do with corn this year but alas, I have one entire bed full of it and thus far it is coming along nicely.

This year's garden: corn, cucumber, yellow squash, zucchini, bell pepper, banana pepper, chili pepper, serrano pepper, tomatoes, tomatillos, watermelon, onions, and garlic. I'm like a parent to that garden. It's a week old and every morning and evening I go out and see what new seeds have sprouted or if the sprouts are a little taller. I think I need a life!

I also have flowers I planted 2 weeks ago. This is Texas and most landscaping here consists of evergreens, thorns, and draught tolerant things. Planting 40 flowering plants may prove too optimistic a task. But it's early Spring and I'm ready for it for now at least.

Anybody gardening this year or have a good farming story? Curious about gardening or composting? I plan on building a composter soon.


  1. Looking forward to pictures of your seedlings. It would be fun to see the phases of growth and the instructions/tips on how to grow some of those veggies, like tomatoes and onions!

    Do you have any advice for indoor planting? Like herbs for example, mint, basil... etc. My herbs always die on the sill after a week.

  2. The biggest thing is to water correctly! I'm planning on posting on that soon. Also container gardening will come up tomorrow I think. I have some tomatoes I'm cultivating in containers and trying to find strawberries to hang in pots. And of course I have my herb garden in a planter.