Friday, April 1, 2011

For the Chic Hippie in your life! :)

If you're like most people who eat, you have lots of plastic grocery bags laying around the house. You may think the environmentally-friendly thing to do is to drop them off at your grocer's plastic bag recycle bin.

What I recently found out is that this bin contributes to the construction of more plastic bags. Is this really all that "green?" Why not find a better purpose for those bags?

I was shocked to find out that you can use plastic bags to make plarn, plastic bag "yarn."

This stuff is crazy easy to crochet with!!! While there aren't that many colors to choose from they're all free--who's gonna complain about that?

This one took about 70 grocery bags.

Since they're plastic they make great beach or pool bags. They're SUPER sturdy and look remarkably similar to straw.

I plan on making a circle shaped and square shaped one. Also making one with a draw-string and probably lining them with fabric from old linens or shirts. Talk about REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!

I didn't follow a pattern, just made my basic shape then followed a spiral around. As I make more I will post directions and tips with more pictures.

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