Monday, April 4, 2011

The potatoes are in!

I've not had much luck at the local gardening centers with finding potatoes for planting. Luckily the potatoes I had in my pantry had started growing eyes on them.

For years we just cut the eyes off and ate them anyway. I never gave much thought about that being the potato's way of coming back to life. Apparently I missed that science project in school...

So, I did a quick googling of how exactly to go about growing the potato from a sprouting potato.

The first thing you should do (but not necessary) is to cut your potatoes into sections with one eye or sprout per section:

Then, I got my bag of garden soil:

You can choose to mix in some fertilizer if you like. This particular soil had some plant food mixed in already so I didn't bother. I'll just add some fertilizer if it's needed later.

I decided for stability to turn the bag sideways.

I opened the bag along its seam.

I decided to experiment with planting a few further down. My theory is the potatoes will find the sun. If I give them an opening their leaves will sprout from there. If not, oh well! ;)

So I cut a hole big enough to get the potato section into:

Put the potato in and covered lightly with soil:

Then cut a slit above and perpendicular to the first to allow the leaves to come through:

I planted 2 more this way, even with the first. The rest I planted along the top:

Then I sat my potato bag with my tomato "bag" planters:

This is a GREAT and frugal way to have a container garden when you don't have the room or the budget. Let me know if you decide to try it!!

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