Friday, April 15, 2011

I almost messed it all up!

I didn't heed my own warnings on watering. I didn't observe signs of over watering. My plants were turning yellow and the leaves were starting to curl.

As seen in the above tomato plant, the leaves had started to develop brown spots, yellow and curl. All signs of nutrient depletion of the soil due to over watering. ALL MY FAULT! :(

This picture is just how big a difference watering can make in a plant. If you can tell, the plant in the blue pot (middle) is almost twice the size as my plants in the garden. It's much deeper, richer green and healthier looking. All because of the amount of water it received. By the way, they are the exact same Roma tomato plants.

Over watering not only causes nutrients to be washed out of the soil, but also stunts growth, fruit production, and encourages disease.

To correct this I have stopped watering completely and check my soil daily. When the soil starts to get dry 3 inches deep I will resume watering.

So how often should you water?

"Water deep once a week!"

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