Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Garden update:

I backed off the watering and behold...GROWTH!

My tomato plants have 2-3 tomatoes per plant. Reminder: there are 36 plants. That's a whole lotta tomatoes!

The plants themselves have really grown a lot in the last few days.

Any of the skeptics about growing plants in grocery bags take note: the tomato plants are bearing tomatoes as well:

The tomatillo plants even grew exponentially compared to recent weeks.

Tomatillos will soon abound!!!!


That's right! Squash is already bearing. We'll have fresh squash in no time!!!

Zucchini isn't far off:

Arugula looks weak but I'll nurse it along still.

Lettuce also looks pitiful so I planted some more. I'll still let this run its course. That thing on the left doesn't look like lettuce....lol

Corn and peas and beans, oh my!

As I mentioned before, I'm planting peas and beans between the corn stalks. The idea is the peas release nitrogen into the soil which corn needs to stay green and grow. The peas need a pole or stake to grow on so in essence this is a symbiotic relationship in the garden!

And the potato experiment is still going. It's coming along nicely.

At least one potato I planted along the side found it's way out. My hypothesis that they would find the quickest route to sunlight was right and it is possible to grow potatoes in levels in the bag this way.

And my personal favorite, OKRA!


  1. So how much dirt is under those pretty pink nails? lol. Starting to look tasty. I'm excited for you to do all my trial and error for me so I have a heads up on my garden for next year.

  2. This made me laugh! I always intend to at least take my chipped polish off before I take pics with my hands in them but I never do. I quit paying for manicures bc my nails were so dirty! Lol. I'm interested to know if you decide to grow something.