Thursday, May 26, 2011


The garden has come quite a long way!

Here was my harvest today:

Included here is: 3 Roma tomatoes, crookneck squash, a strawberry (lol), a tomatillo (lol), a LOT of Arugula, dill, and a bit of cilantro.

I have several more tomatoes ripening (turning red).

If you're wondering about the newspaper under the tomato in the picture, from a previous post my tomatoes had "early blight" and rather than spraying fungicide I removed the diseased leaves/stems and spread newspaper for mulch. It worked very well and my plants are thriving again. I continue to remove blighted leaves when I see them.

My lone strawberry grew to maturity.

It's common for first-year strawberry plants to not produce many berries. But I hope that I get a few more off these plants. They are showing signs of more berries coming.


I call the mutant berry. Not quite sure what it's gonna be. It looks half-formed. I may pick it just so the plant can put it's energy into making more berries. We'll see.

And if you recall, I had a few plants that I suspected came from somewhere else. They kept coming up despite my pulling them. I hadn't planted them, this year at least. Well, I left one out of curiosity. And lo' and behold...

It was a tomato plant! Kenny (my husband) thinks it was from tomatoes I planted last year and let lay on the soil. That makes sense. I'm glad I left them now. There are at least 10 such plants growing. This one is the only one producing fruit at the moment.

And back to tomatoes:

I wish I could add those little white arrows to the pics to point to each tomato. I will likely have at least 200 tomatoes by the end of the growing season, barring any unforeseen craziness. Many of the plants now have around 10 tomatoes each. Not counting those wayward plants that came from who knows where. Eek!

And so far this is the only bean I have. *sigh* I don't know what I'm doing wrong with my beans and peas. I will research and work on it.

Likewise my corn has tassled, yet again, at under 4 feet tall. This is why I didn't want to mess with it this year. But hubs insisted. Men! Oh well, from what I've read I should still get corn with proper pollination. Of which I just saw several bees buzzing around my squash plants.

Never been so happy to see bees. :)

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